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5th Mini Album - 606
Online 1 : 1 Video Call Event

It will be conducted in the form of a video call. Fans who win the lottery will have a one-on-one video call with the designated members within the specified time.

(Participants can apply for two members separately and win the video call lottery for DONGHAE and EUNHYUK respectively)

Event Date:

Recruitment Period:

Winner Announcement: 


June 12:00



June 23:59


June 16:00




June 18:00


Winner Announcement Platform:
@TANCE official social media account


Check the tutorial of video call on Stanly:

How to apply?
Group 1437254011-4.png
  • Purchase an album on the Stanly or TANCE platform. One album purchase will gain one lottery entry. 

  • You can participate in the recruitment repeatedly, but you will only be selected once for each member. (No repeat winners for the same member)

  • However, you can participate in recruitment for both members and win the lottery for two members individually.

  • Please pay close attention to which member you are applying for when making your purchase

  • There are two separate events

    • Video Call with DONGHAE 

    • Video Call with EUNHYUK 

  • Make sure you select the corresponding member when making your purchase. Stanly will not take responsibility for any wrong purchases, and there will be no refunds, exchanges, or modifications allowed.

Lottery Drawing:
Group 1437254012-2.png
  • A total of 60 participants will be randomly selected from the applicants who purchased albums on the STANLY and TANCE platforms.

  • 30 Lucky winners will have video calls with DONGHAE

  • 30 Lucky winners will have video calls with EUNHYUK

  • Each video call session will last 1.5 minutes, during the session the artist will sign the album, including the participant's name.

Special Benefit Events:

Event 1

Each Purchase will receive a random special photo card. (4 types in total, 1 card per purchase)
 **When you buy 4 albums in an order or four multiple, you will receive a full sets of photocards

Event 3

1 lucky winner from all customers who purchased album for EUNHYUK Video Call & 1 lucky winner from all customers who purchased album for DONGHAE Video Call will receive an autographed polaroid by the corresponding member.

Event 2

10 lucky winners from all customers who purchased album from STANLY or TANCE platform for this fansign event will be randomly selected to receive a signed album.

Event 4

1 lucky winner from all customers who purchased album from STANLY or TANCE platform for this fansign event will be randomly selected to receive an autographed polaroid by both members DONGHAE and EUNHYUK.

Purchase the albums to join the lottery:
Participation Instructions:
  • Ensure you have a smart device that can install applications from the apple store/ Google playstore. This Video Call Event will be held on STANLY application []

  • The lottery winner should have downloaded the STANLY application on their smart device. Create and login to their STANLY account prior to the event.

  • The participant is responsible for preparing their smart device in advance and being available for the video call on the event date.

  • If a call is not answered or there are technical issues, staff will attempt to call again at the end of the calling list.

  • If the call is not answered twice, the participant will be disqualified.

  • After the video call with the artist, the event will end.

  • All winners will receive a signed album.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Purchases of albums for this event are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  • Lottery winners must prepare a suitable digital device for video calls and ensure a suitable network environment.

  • Video calls may only be conducted through the STANLY platform utilizing the provided contact information.

  • Lottery winners must present an approved form of identification (ID card or passport) on the day of the event to confirm their identity.

  • During the Video Call, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E members DONGHAE or EUNHYUK will signed an album for you on site. Each winner can only get one signature from members DONGHAE or EUNHYUK dedicated to their name/nickname. (only Korean or English name/nickname are allowed, English name is limited to 15 characters)

  • The autographed album will be delivered together with the purchased album following the event.

  • Only the designated lottery winners may participate in the video call event. STANLY strictly prohibits any act of reselling tickets, purchasing resale tickets, transfer, or internet auction. STANLY reserves the right to invalidate the tickets concerned, at its sole discretion. The event participant must be the same individual as the purchaser of the album.

  • If another person or more than one individual participate in the video call, it will be terminated immediately.

  • Any disruptive behavior hindering the progress of the event will be promptly addressed by event staff.

  • The organizer is not responsible for any loses caused by agent recruitment or personal transactions.

  • Unreasonable requests or harassment directed towards the artist are strictly prohibited.

  • Inappropriate conduct during the video call will result in immediate termination and restriction from future activities.

  • For inquiries, please contact Star@Stanly / Starfish@Stanly in the STANLY APP or via Email:

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