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Reporter Program to London

Prove yourself as a true Swifties to be the TTPD representative reporter to The Eras Tour in London! 💂🎡💂🏻‍♂️

Contest Period:

27 Apr - 31 May 2024 (GMT-4)


How to participate:

1. Create a short video or reels to showcase your Swifties moments using any footages taken during your stans journey.

>>Insider tips:<<

a. video should not more than 30 seconds.

b. video ending with a message "Join Stanly with me, The Playground for Fans".

2. Post the video in Stanly Taylor Swift fandom and Instagram acc (set it public) tag @stanly with hashtag #stanlyreporter #stanlyswiftie


3. Don't forget to follow Stanly IG @stanly too!


4. The top 3 Swifties who posted the video with the most likes gathered from Stanly app & instagram and 2 entries with the best edits handpicked by Stanly team will be shortlisted to the final round.


5. The winner of the final round will be going to London in August to report all things about The Eras Tour back to TTPD!

* The details of the final round will be share to the shortlisted contestants.

*Winner Announcement on Stanly app and IG by 30 June 2024.

Return flight to London 
The Eras Tour Ticket x 1 
 TTPD Reporter Submissions 
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