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5th Mini Album - 606
Offline Fansign in MACAU

Exclusive Offline Fansign Event with SUPERJUNIOR-D&E in MACAU

Event Date:

Recruitment Period:

Winner Announcement: 


June 12:00



June 23:59


June 12:00




June 13:00


Winner Announcement Platform:
@TANCE official social media account


How to find your ticket on Stanly?

How to apply?
  • Purchase an album on the STANLY or TANCE platform. One album purchase will gain one lottery entry. 

  • You can participate in the recruitment repeatedly, but you will only be selected once for the event. (No repeat winners)

Lottery Drawing:
  • A total of 250 lucky winners will be randomly selected from the applicants who purchased albums on the STANLY and TANCE platforms.

  • 50 lucky winners will have a chance to go on stage, receive a signed album by Donghae and Eunhyuk.

  • 200 lucky winner will have a chance to witness this fansign event at the venue. (No signed album)

  • All 250 lucky winners mentioned on the above will be able to participate in the Hi-Touch Event with SUPERJUNIOR-D&E , Donghae & Eunhyuk.  

Special Benefit Events:

Event 1

Each Purchase will receive a special photocard randomly. (4 types in total, 1 card per purchase)
 **When you buy 4 albums in an order or four multiple,
you will receive a full sets of photocards

Event 3

10 lucky winners from all customers who purchased album from STANLY or TANCE platform for this fansign event will be randomly selected to receive a Signed Album.

Event 2

3 lucky winners from all customers who purchased album from STANLY or TANCE platform for this fansign event will be randomly selected to receive an autographed polaroid (3 types in total, 1 polaroid randomly)

Event 4

All 250 fansign event attendees will have a chance to participate Hi-Touch Event with SUPERJUNIOR-D&E, Donghae and Eunhyuk.

Purchase the albums to join the lottery:
Participation Instructions:
  • Winners will be notified by email from the platform where they made their purchase ( STANLY or TANCE).

  • (For STANLY customers) Winners need to create a STANLY account and provide their STANLY user ID when responding to the email and submitting the Event Attendance Form.

  • Winners will receive their event admission ticket on the STANLY app.

  • For on-site identity verification, winners must present a valid government-issued ID document (e.g. passport, Hong Kong ID, Macau ID) with photo and personal details including date of birth.

  • At check-in, have your event ticket ready. Staff will issue a wristband after verifying your identity and ticket.

  • Seating order will be based on the winners announcement order. Follow staff instructions when lining up to go on stage.

  • Once seated, remain in your assigned seat. Photography and video recording are only allowed during the designated photo time.

  • Show your wristband before going on stage. The wristband is the only proof of your participation.

  • For the autograph session, you will receive a SUPERJUNIOR-D&E album on site. Each winner can only get one member's signature dedicated to their name/nickname. (only Korean or English name/nickname are available, English name length is limited to within 15 letters)

  • Prohibited items include post-it notes, drawings, and affixed memo notes. Simple props must be pre-approved by staff.

  • Behaviors that may result in removal from the venue include unreasonable demands, failure to cooperate with staff, inappropriate conduct, and unauthorized filming/recording.

  • Multiple identity verification checks will be conducted. Cooperate with inspections to protect the rights of all fans.

  • Exit the venue in an orderly manner after the autograph session.

  • Photography and recording are prohibited in the waiting area and during the signing process.

  • Place letters for artists in organizer's mailbox before entering. No gifts allowed (including food, drinks, etc.).

Terms and Conditions:
  • Returns and exchanges are not applicable for albums purchased for this event.

  • The sales figures of the album will not be disclosed to the public through any method of announcement. Please be aware of this.

  • Upon successful album purchase, you will be granted the opportunity to participate in the lottery for this fansign event.

  • Each successful winner in this event will receive one admission ticket on STANLY. Only the person who is selected can participate. STANLY strictly prohibits any act of reselling tickets, purchasing resale tickets, transfer, or internet auction. STANLY reserves the right to invalidate the tickets concerned, at its sole discretion.

  • On-site identity confirmation occurs. Please present your official identity document (such as passport, Hong Kong/Macau ID card, or other documents issued by a government authority). You should present the original identity document; any copies in the form of photos, digital copies, or prints, as well as documents that do not contain your name, date of birth, and photo will not be accepted.

  • The collected personal information of the lucky winner will be automatically deleted after the event.

  • If you have any question , Please send email to .

  • The organizer shall not be responsible for any losses or accidents caused by the winner's ignorance of the precautions and staff instructions.

  • The arrangements may change according to the on-site conditions, and participants are advised to refer to the staff's instructions.

  • STANLY shall not be liable if the members are absent due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • STANLY reserves the sole and absolute right to change any arrangements or cancel this event without prior notice.

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