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2024 Stans Report

This report delves into the essence of fandom culture, drawing on surveys and interviews with stans from various countries and fandoms.
We surveyed 5,000 fans worldwide, aged 15 to 35, in May 2024 to capture diverse perspectives and demographics.

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Reasons of Being a Stan...
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Admiration for their idols' personalities and works

Meaningful friendships formed within fandoms

The joy their idols bring

An escape valve and a genuine
moment of happiness.

Longevity of Fandom:
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It's a lifelong habit for most fans. It usually starts at a young age and lasts for more than a decade.

Being a stan can positively influence mental health and
emotional well-being
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When coping with emotional distress,


of stans find comfort in listening to their favorite music


prefer watching their idols on variety shows


choose to talk to friends with shared interests

Psychologist Camila Carota believes being a fan helps develop social skills and build support communities.

"Starting interpersonal relationships with a common topic helps break the ice. This way, you avoid typical conversation starters, and from that initial common topic, friendships can develop. Conversations can easily evolve from discussing an idol to sharing daily life situations."

Research has shown that going to concerts or watching movies featuring your favorite artist generates positive feelings, creating affective memories that benefit the fan's mental health.

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Core Value of Fandom
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Sense of belonging



Fulfil the 

desire to share

Sense of belonging

In a world filled with hatred, forming bonds with others who share your passion for an idol provides a sense of acceptance and belonging, which can alleviate loneliness.

Desire to share
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40% of fans immediately check for new announcements and share them on their stan pages, showing their proactive engagement and enthusiasm.


Stans are self-motivated to organize fan events, create content, translate artists' works, and make fan merchandise. Their main goal is to promote their favorite artists and share happiness with others who have similar interests.

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Fandom Economy
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fans express their readiness to stream it on streaming platforms.

IN 2023...

Over 60% of global music revenue came from streaming. With 41.77% of fans ready to stream new albums, they are definitely contributing to this growing trend.




eagerly anticipate pre-saving and purchasing the CD.



fans are willing to purchase if the price is reasonable.

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Dream of Stan

Every stan dreams of seeing their idol in person at a concert or fan meeting. These events are significant moments for them! However, factors like finances and scheduling play a crucial role in making this dream possible.

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need to check availability


join if the event is affordable


enthusiastic about meeting new friends

This highlights the importance of accessibility when organizing events, ensuring everyone has the chance to participate.

Dream Interactions with Idols

Stans always dream about meeting or interacting with their idols. For many, this is the ultimate fan experience. Desired interactions include attending concerts, exclusive events, video calls, receiving personal letters, or even comments on social media.

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Fan meeting or concert


Private video call


Autographed letter


Video message

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"The career path I have chosen causes me many ups and downs, and the trigger is almost always insecurity. When I look at my favorite star and see how far she has come, how much I've seen her progress, everything she has achieved just by doing what she loves and, especially now, believing in it, in what she does, it gives me a kind of "boost" to continue, to keep believing in what I do with love."

Stories with idols:
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Let's make a difference together and celebrate the joy and positivity that fandom brings to our lives!

This report is powered by Team Stanly and co-created with our users (aka International Stans Day Committee)

























And thanks to the contributions of all stans who have participated in the Stan Personality Test, user interviews and all fan clubs who always support Stanly. 

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