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Version 2.2

Hello Stans! I'm thrilled to announce Stanly's latest update to enhance your fan experience!

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Join forces with like-minded fans to upgrade the fan club and unlock thrilling features. Together, let's reach significant milestones and enrich the fan club experience.


To level up, all club members must collectively earn a certain amount of EXP points. Gain EXP by checking in daily, with each check-in adding one EXP to the club's total.

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Stanly provides all fans the opportunity to enter exclusive raffles for physical goods. Gain entries by checking in daily and participating actively. The raffle prizes improve as the club level increases.

To join the raffle, you need a ticket. Sharing the raffle on social media earns you an extra ticket.

* Raffles will be gradually available to all fandoms. If you want Stanly to organize raffles for your fandom, click here to apply.

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