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Unlocking Stanly Reward System: Raffle, Invitation, & Club

Hello Stans! Our top priority is always to bring you an interesting and next-level fan experience. We reward our Stans with various incentives to ensure your dedication is recognized. We recently added a new feature: the ✨Invitation Code System. We think it's time to reintroduce our entire Stanly reward system to you.

Invite for More Rewards

You can now invite your friends to join Stanly and follow you simultaneously, so they won't miss anything you share. All they need to do is enter your unique invite code during registration. You can easily check how many friends you've invited and who they are in the Invitation History section.

How to Find Your Invitation Code?

It's in the "Invitation History" section. Click on the Stanly logo at the top left corner to toggle the menu, then click on "Invitation History." Your 6-digit invite code will be displayed. You can click "Invite Friend" to share a link on social media or "Copy Invite Code" to copy the code. You can also see who joined through your invitation and follow them back!

Don't Worry About Forgetful Friends!

If your friends forget to enter the code during registration, they can still do so afterward and enjoy the same benefits. You'll find an "Invite Code" button at the top right corner of the "Invitation History" page.

Invitations Pay Off!

If you successfully invite a friend to join Stanly using your invite code, both of you will earn an extra raffle ticket! The Raffle mechanics have been updated so you can store as many tickets as you want and decide how many to use for a specific raffle. Unused tickets do not expire and can be saved for a raffle you're really interested in.

How to Check Ticket Availability?

Click on any raffle and the number of available tickets will be displayed on the red button. If there's no ongoing raffle, click on the club banner at the top of any community and select "Raffle history" under the raffle section.

Check-In Daily to Level Up Prizes and More

To enjoy all that Stanly has to offer, your Club needs to reach Gold level. This includes creating your own events, cafes, or theaters. The raffle prizes also level up, meaning their value and quantity increase! It's also an indicator of the fandom with the most loyal Stans. Let's unite and beat the others!

If you want to know more about invitations, raffles, or club levels, feel free to contact us in-app (DM any of our staff with @Stanly in their names) or email


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