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Catch up: What's your stan personality? Latest events happening on Stanly.

Are you an active member in a fandom? or you admire an idol secretly? Test your stan personality and share your result now! 

How to play?

Answer a few questions and select the option that closely describes you, and that's it.

(i heard that "Reporter" is the most rare personality, let's see what would you get!)

Preview of #ProdToStan merch pack
Raffle of #ProdToStan merch pack

Don’t forget to join the raffle for the #ProdToStan merch pack (limited edition) on Stanly fandom! The first Stanly official merch pack includes stickers, badges, t-shirt and bag. 20 winners will get it for free!

Latest events on Stanly
Sabrina Carpenter raffle of Espresso Cassette tape and a Cassette player!
TTPD Reporter Program to London, free flight tickets and accommodations to London, and the concert ticket!
Final Chance to win a pair of J Balvin Tour Tickets by submitting J Balvin's photos!
Write a mail to Post Malone to express your love to Posty.
Share your favorite lyrics of Bruno Mars' songs!
Share your concert outfit with the theme of Billie Eilish latest album "Hit Me Hard and Soft" to win a vinyl!

and more campaigns are waiting for you to participate on Stanly! Explore now and have fun!


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